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WHAT IS FAN FICTION XD Urban dictionary.
First, definition: Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it. Sometimes people will take characters from one movie and put them in another, which is called a cross-over.

Most people who bash fanfiction are not willing to look past the fact that it's based on something else to see that it could be worth reading IF you like the subject. If they don't like the subject, then obviously they are going to automatically dismiss the fanfiction.

It is true, however, that some fanfictions are rather poorly written and only a few hundred words, and it is also true that some people just write them so they can have their favorite characters have sex (lemon). But, if you take the time to find something decent, you can end up with a fanfiction story that is so close to the original piece of art, that you'd barely notice the difference.
Mary decided to write a fanfiction based on a story she had read. She liked the idea of two of the characters as a couple, but it wasn't in the original plot, so she twisted the story around a bit and evolved the characters so that it seemed as though they actually *could* have been together in the first place. (Good example, it's rare that someone does it perfectly but there are some out there)

(Sue was so angry that her two favorite characters never got together that she wrote her own story in which the first thing they did was have sex and get married. (Bad example, but sadly sometimes true) )
About the last part, i think these type of fanfictions are just lame and nothing else. If you write something just so you can describe sex >.> then it is obviously going to be crap. There are so many well written fanfics that take into consideration the personality of someone. Fan fiction isn;t something that is supposed to have smut :| there is nothing productive , nothing well written there it is just sick fantasies put to words.

"1. Put bluntly, fiction by the fans. Created by fans of any particular fandom, 50% of fanfiction is crap, 24% is non-crappy smut, 25% fits into the category of crap and smut, and the remaining 1% is some pretty good stuff.
2. Something English teachers don't like.
1. Trying to find a non-crap, non-smut fanfiction is a little like trying to mine for gold.
2. My friend's Star Wars fanfiction got an F in English class simply because it was fanfiction."
i read this somewhere and I must say that it is true :| more and more people write fan fiction just so they can write smut stuff LOL and most of these fan fictions are out of character.

Latly, writing fan fiction about your fandom which is let's say a boy group, arashi, suju , dbsk etc is obviously not something achievable. These people have personalities that most of us do not know and simply saying that you write something about, say, jae joong and leeteuk (bad example but whatever ) automatically makes it seems like you are writing a story that has nothing to do with those people. what is the point of writing something that may address to any kind of human and not specifically to the humans that you are writing about? I do not understand it.

Utterly that type of "fan fiction" concerning real life people is usually a way to reproduce what you solemnly want to happen however fan fiction isn't about this. Fan fiction should have depth, plot line , in character descriptions, if you do not know someone's personality do not write about it, and if you do not think that the character they display isn't their real one then how come you call yourself a fan. Someone who has a good idea of what type of people the people they admire are then obviously can write but if you assume that you do not know someone's personality, just dun write about it,

I saw the following thing on the urban dictionary site, i found it accurate in every possible way:
"2. Stupid stories written by fanboys/fangirls and general idiots (see 133t douche and blogger.) Often not worth reading.
FanFiction Asshole: Hey, have you read my new story in which two of the characters from the shitty anime show I always watch have sex?

Normal Guy: Never talk to me again."
MORE examples of things i read that prove my point:

"2. Fiction written by fans (durr) who usually don't have a life and wish they were the author of the book they're writing fiction about. Yay them, huh?

Oh, and that's not all. Usually, their writing is pretty bad with grammar mistakes, misspellings of characters (main or not), and cliched events that don't follow the actual events in the origin of their writing. Wonderful *rolls eyes with a voice full of sarcasm*."

and another interesting one which believe me it is the case in most celebrity 'fan fictions' LMAO

"Fiction written by fans or a genre,includes:

The Music fanfiction is by far the most varied,last time I checked there were 1460 pieces of fanfiction written about a single band.And that's just ONE band on ONe website.That band was My Chemical Romance.About 90% of fan-fic about MCR is just sex really (usually Gerard Way/Bert Mccracken ,Gerard Way/Frank,or,nastily,Gerard Way/Mikey Way).The rest are stories about the band menbers being vamires which are preety funny. But most of it is just really,really,sick. Take a sick-bag."

and another one that i really find very successful:

"Literature written for the simple purposes of either to change completely your opinion of a character or to disturb others with your messed up idea of how the plot should be. Can also be a way for more pervs to pollute the internet.

That is one messed up fanfiction."

follow this, more lovely stuff i agree with:
"1. A fan's way of letting a story they love continue on by creating a new story in the same world.

2. A fan's way of saving their favorite characters, fixing thing's they don't like in the plot, and pairing up characters that have nothing in common, were never supposed to be together, and have zero chemistry."

And another opinion about fan fiction:

"1) CHARACTERS in a different light (often the way the fanfiction-author believes him/her to be like). More than half of the time, a fanfiction-author will most likely use only the obvious traits that these characters display, and sometimes, monopolize these traits in a way that a few consider to be out of proportion.

2) SITUATIONS the fanfiction-author had not seen and, possibly, will not see within the original, published work. These situations can take place within the original work's time frame, environment, etc, or they can take place in an alternate time and/or environment, which then makes the fanfiction AU (Alternate Universe).


"Stories written by fans of a certain TV show, cartoon, anime, book, or movie using existing plots, characters, or ideas from the series but then continuing the story, adding new characters, changing the ending, or changing the plot.

Most are written by an obsessed fan who invents a character that's supposed to be like him/her, only 10 times prettier, smarter, and stronger who falls in love with whoever the fan has a crush on. Many of them have poor grammar, thin plots, and bad spelling. But there are a few with original ideas, great storylines, and interesting fancharacters writeen by creative writters. These ones are worth reading. "

Now do not get me wrong I have read some AMAZING bleach fanfics and some even more amazing harry potter fanfics *o* i just dun appreciate the ones that serve only one person "smut and fiction of celebrities. honestly i think it is just a story that i can just change the names of the people in it and it will still work for whichever fandom >.> ~~~ worse is when i read harry potter fan fiction and the characters are just DIFFERENT. Like omg .. seriously >.>

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well, I just read my friend's fics which are in spanish I dunno I like those fics and that's all, I'm not a person who looks for fics 'cause the majority of them is purely sex and... no xD

just my opinion :)

i have also read some amazing fan fictions. but generally everything else is just so bad and it is just smut OR SELF INSERT -_- i seriously hate these -_-

EXACTLY purely sex and disgusting smut -_- things that honestly are out of character ALL THE TIME

yes, that's why I avoid them, xD

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